QMetry 7.4 ( - (SaaS : 10-Jun-2017) (On Premise : 16-Jun-2017)

QMetry 7.4


Version :, Released for SaaS : June 10, 2017

Version :, Released for On Premise : June 16, 2017

QMetry is proud to announce version 7.4 which comes with fantastic new features, a lot of enhancements, performance improvements and some bug fixes for all QMetry Test Management (QTM) users.

New Features

Added support for Atlasssian Crowd.

  • As an Admin I want my users to login to QMetry using the same credentials that they use across other tools in the organization.


  • Exponential improvement in the performance of testcase execution.
  • Alphabetically sorted Fix Version field on Issue module.
  • Added support for UTF-8 characters (Japanese, Chinese characters) in Nomenclature.
  • Custom Fields will be available on coverage status report.
  • Added ability to schedule automated execution of test cases at any time interval.
  • Testcase key would be part of Issue summary while creating an issue from QMetry to a defect tracker.
  • Added tooltip to display folder path on Testcase and Requirement module grids.
  • Added ability to filter "My Test Assignments" on execution screen.User preference to filter "My Test Assignments" on execution screen will be saved and will be consistent across the application.
  • Increased the character limit of issue description field more than 65k characters.
  • Bulk execution wait time is reduced from 5 mins to 2 mins to save testers time, post that the execution process would complete in background.
  • The confirmation messages will pop on the top of the screens and will not obstruct the closed buttons during edit.
  • Added Test Case Priority and Issue External-id fields in All Test case execution assignments report.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that prevented delivery of email notifications.
  • Fixed bug that gave exception while editing the cycle dates.
  • Fixed bug that gave exception while unlinking platforms with large number of test cases.
  • Fixed bug that distorted UI of issue search screen if duplicate QMetry fields are mapped with JIRA fields.
  • Fixed bug that allowed to import duplicate JIRA issues in the same domain.
  • Fixed bug that froze the "Add to scope" window while scoping test assets from one cycle to other cycle.
  • Fixed bug that intermittently failed Test Case search at first time.
  • Fixed bug that prevented parent test case to be synced with child if testcase steps has more than 65K characters.
  • Fixed bug that gave error while adding a user in QMetry if "Save and Add Another" button is double clicked.
  • Fixed bug that prevented testcases to export (in CSV) in proper format if the number of characters in a cell exceed 32K.
  • Fixed bug that exported junk character in .csv file in export of Test Case.
  • Fixed bug that caused "Loading" screen if tried to create duplicate login id.
  • Fixed bug that gave blank email body for Share Email for Testsuite.
  • Fixed bug that did not update the issue in QMetry if it is updated in Jira.
  • Fixed bug that distorted the UI of “Assign roles to user” grid while assigning roles.
  • Fixed bug that prevented configuration of Internal Tracker to a new domain.
  • Fixed bug that prevented filtering of test cases by assigned Tester on the execution screen.
  • Fixed bug that prevented filtering of test cases by execution status on TestSuite >> Testcase View.
  • Fixed bug that displayed incorrect status for option “Make build selection mandatory during execution” on manage Admin >> Build window.
  • Fixed bug that did not display records in Test Suite Execution Report.
  • Fixed bug that did not display records in Test Suite Run Details with Steps.
  • Fixed bug that did not displayed incorrect records in the Login Logout Report
  • Fixed bug that prevented auto activation of users that got deactivated due to incorrect login attempts.
  • Fixed bug that prevented correct tagging of users on manage users screen.
  • Fixed bug that prevented filtering of records on the following reports.
    • Test Hours in Multiple Test suites.
    • Testcase Execution Status by Phase
    • Testcase Step Execution Status by Phase
    • Testcase Execution Status by Phase(All Status)
  • Fixed bug that prevented change of scope if QMetry URL is opened from shared email.
  • Fixed bug that did not load other domain fields on Manage Field window.
  • Fixed alignment of  System Setting options on Admin Module.
  • Fixed bug that sent email notification to inactive users.
  • Fixed exception that prevented adding of new issues into internal tracker if description is more than 65k characters. The limit of description is set to 65k characters.
  • Fixed bug that prevented display of fields in the Manage Fields screen if there are special character in the domain name.
  • Fixed bug that prevented users from using saved mapping feature while importing of test assets.
  • Fixed bug that prevented sharing of platform reports.
  • Fixed bug that did not allow admin’s to make system fields mandatory.
  • Fixed bug that prevented display of linked requirements in the testcase details screen.
  • Fixed bug that displayed execution status id instead of execution status in the export of Testsuite list summary view.
  • Fixed bug that prevented exports in the job scheduler to complete to 100%.
  • Fixed bug that prevented “admin” user to modify their email id from the profile section.
  • Fixed bug that prevented export of test suite execution history when filtered by execution status.
  • Fixed bug that intermittently froze UI while editing a Testsuite.
  • Fixed bug that intermittently froze UI while executing a Testcase.
  • Fixed bug that froze UI while entering testcase steps with special characters.
  • Fixed bug that sent incorrect QMetry URL in the “New User Login Details” email.
  • Fixed bug that disordered the Testsuite view if html characters were present in test case fields.
  • Fixed bug that sent email notifications to the Testsuite owner on execution of a test case, even if the notifications are unsubscribed.
  • Fixed bug that displayed multiple entries of single attachment in test suite execution history.
  • Fixed bug that prevented sorting of platforms by group name on test suite details.
  • Fixed bug that misaligned columns on the Assign Role to User screen.
  • Fixed bug that exported space as junk character in the csv file.

Known Limitation

  • The execution status of Requirements & Test case for Issue links in Jira will be updated in the interval of 15 mins.
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