QMetry 7.5 - (SaaS : 23-Sep-2017)

QMetry 7.5 Release Note


Version : 7.5, Released for SaaS (Cloud) : Sep 23, 2017

QMetry is proud to announce the latest release for QMetry Test Management - v7.5 for all it's cloud customers. The new release includes important security updates and performance improvements in the following areas.

  1. Bulk edit of Test Assets
  2. Faster execution of Testcases and status calculation.
  3. Enhanced performance for bulk execution of Test cases through Platform Matrix.
  4. Quicker Import / Export of Test Assets via Excel.
  5. Optimized Domain Clone
  6. Faster and Secure addition of new users.
  7. Improved syncing of JIRA issues to QMetry. 
  8. Add to scope of test assets would be a background operation.  

REST API Changes

  1. There have been changes in the REST API's response structure. Download the latest REST API guide from here.
    1. Delete Requirement Folder
    2. Get Testcase Run Id using Testcase id
    3. List Custom List Values
    4. Link Requirements to Issues
    5. Search Testcase
    6. Authentication using Usertoken
  2. The Base URL for all the QMetry Cloud instances have been changed from https://<domainname> to https://<domainname>
  3. We strongly recommend to use API Key based authentication instead of Usertoken.
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