QMetry 6.5 - Patch 2 (

QMetry patches are cumulative which means they contain all the previous patches within a release.  Thus you do not need to install the previous patches first; however, you must be using the latest Minor release of QMetry (e.g. if you are using v6.4 then please upgrade to v6.5 before applying a v6.5 patch).

Patch # 2)

Release Date: 29th Nov,2015

List of Issues fixed in Patch

  • Added integration for JIRA 7.1. 
  • Fixed bug : Filter not working on Link Platform Window.  
  • Fixed bug : Platform Name would appear as tooltip on platform matrix view.

List of Issues fixed in Patch (Patch 1)

  • Fixed bug : Attachments could be added Bugzilla, while creating issues from QMetry to Bugzilla. 
  • Fixed bug : Sorting of values in component list would be Alphabetic.   
  • Fixed bug : The Issue types configured in the all JIRA Projects would be available in the "Issue Type" drop-down for any Integrated JIRA Project with a QMetry Domain.
  • Fixed bug : Attachments linked through API's would now be linked to the latest version of the Requirement and Testcase. 
  • Fixed bug : Default value of the custom udf would not be blank, after deletion of default value from the custom list. Fix : If the custom list value is set as default it could not be deleted unless the default value is changed to other value. 
  • Fixed bug : "System Exception Occurred" while executing a test case on platform with more than 100 characters in length.
  • Fixed bug : "System Exception Occurred" while executing a test case with more than 100 characters in Testsuite summary length.
  • Fixed bug : S Curve report shows incorrect dashboard. 
  • Fixed bug : When Severity is modified in bugzilla issue it would be updated back in QMetry. 
  • Improvement : Added Testcase and Testsuite folder paths in Testcase Execution Progress Report, to allow filtering based on folder names. 

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