QMetry 6.6 - Patch 2 (

Patch # 2)

Release Date: 16th Jan, 2016 

 List of Issues fixed in Patch

  • Fixed bug which prevented copy of UDF's of type "Multiple Lookup List" on using Copy Selected Test Case feature.  
  • Fixed bug which prevented export of Description fields in Issue Module. 
  • Fixed bug which prevented import of type "Number" field in Issue Module while using "Import from Excel".
  • Fixed email notification bug : Testcase edit (update) emails were sent to incorrect user.
  • Fixed few incorrect labels.
  • Fixed bug which prevented display of complete data under "Pre-Condition" fields on the Testsuite Execution Screen. Pre-condition would be shown as a tooltip on mouse hover on the execution screen. 
  • Fixed bug that displayed incorrect (uncovered) status of test assets on the details screen. 
  • Fixed functionality for check box "View asset after update" for all the modules. 
  • Fixed bug which prevented display of "Archived trigger" tool bar on Manage Notification Screen. 
  • Fixed bug which prevented display of "Ext Id" column on Testcase Grid.
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