QMetry 6.7 (

QMetry 6.7

Build Released for OnPrem : February 12, 2016  &  SaaS : February 15, 2016


InfoStretch is proud to announce version 6.7 which comes with a few new features and a lot of enhancements and bug fixes for all QMetry users.  If you are a QMetry 5 user and you want to understand the major difference between the two version please read our What’s New in QMetry 6 page.

New Features

Notifications Based on Watchers

A new “watcher” feature has been added to allow users to opt in or out of getting email updates on an issue.   This is our most significant change to our email notification since QMetry 6 and should be welcome to all users.  Features include:

  • Owner and designer are automatically on the watcher list
  • Users can add themselves to watcher list.
  • Users can remove themselves to watcher list.
  • Users can review the watcher list

Our old role based email notifications will remain; however, we anticipate that most users will switch to this new notification methodology.

Customizable Search Screens

Admins are now able to use Layout Management in Admin to create a custom Search Screen.  Features Include:

  • Remove / hide fields
  • Add fields to different sections
  • Reorganize field order within a section
Added Not Applicable Button to Test Case View

A Not Applicable button was added to the toolbar of the Test Case view.  This allows users to select multiple test cases and mark them as Not Applicable.  User Story:  A company has a large test suite of test cases that is associated with multiple platforms.  All test cases must be tested, but due to limited time or technical limitations some test cases can not be tested on each platform of the sprint.  Using the Test Case View the team filters the list and uses the Not Applicable button to change the status in bulk.

Platform Export

Ability to Export platforms with their attributes to MS Excel.

Platform Import

Ability to Import platforms with attributes from MS Excel.  The platform Import feature allows teams to import new platforms, or re-import exported platforms that have been updated.  With import users can add new platforms along with updates


Re-organized search screen

The default search screen was enhanced to provide a better user experience.  The changes included moving to a single column for the search fields which give the results grid more room.  The footprint of Path and Folder section was compressed to gain more room to find the fields.  The search and reset buttons were moved to the top and a second search and reset button were added to the window frame.  All of the changes make for faster searches and provide a more intuitive interface for new users.

Enhancement to Test Suite Platform View

Two views in the Test Suite Module were improved.  The Attributes field was added as a column in the Platform view.  This allows teams using large numbers of platform to better differentiate the platforms, filter the grid by attributes, and assign testers based on attributes.

Improved Clarity of the grid

The Test Case grid uses banding to help differentiate rows.  Some users felt the banding color was not clear enough.  A new shade of grey was selected for alternate row color: DBDBDB.

Improved Maintenance Announcement in Login page

The previous maintenance announcement was hard to read.  The new one has been improved.

Added External ID to the Link Requirements UI

The grids in the "Link Requirements From Grid" and "Link Test Cases From Grid" UIs now have the  same functionality as the grid used in the requirement and test case module.  Use Case: Tester want to link Testcases to Requirements by searching them based on JIRA Story ids. At the moment there is no Ext Id column in the Linked Requirements by Grid Option which makes the linkage difficult. This can be solved by Adding External Id Column in Linked Requirements by Grid Option to make search by Ext ID easier.

Added Folder Path to the Requirement Detail Page
Added Folder Path to the Test Case Detail Page
Added Folder Path to the Test Suite Detail Page

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug that prevented Mail from being sent through share > Send Email
Fixed bug in which Post condition label was not showing imported as well as edited data.
Fixed bug in which the issues linked in Test Suite is not reported properly

When users linked bugs to a test suite execution they were being counted, but not added to the Issues grid of the test suite.  This made it difficult to see the details of the bugs associated with a test suite.  This has been fixed.

Fixed bug that failed to export some of the fields when "Export All" was selected.

The export all option did not contain Test Script Name field.  Now when selecting "All Fields" in Field Export Options all fields should be exported (system and UDF).


Fixes From Patches

QMetry releases include all the patches from the previous release:

  • Fixed bug that increases the performance of Platform Management window. The group platforms would open up by default in collapse mode now.
  • Fixed bug that prevented completion of refresh attribute process during integration with JIRA when number of projects are more.
  • Fixed bug that created a new version of Testcase when attachments were unlinked and the option of "not" creating a new version was selected.
  • Fixed bug that displayed "Uncovered" twice in the status column on the list grids.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Cloning of Domains when Cloning option is Structure.
  • Fixed bug that prevented export of Testcase Entity Key while exporting Testsuites.
  • Fixed bug that prevented creation of test case issue links in JIRA, when test cases were linked to requirements from testcase module.
  • Fixed bug that gave "Invalid id" error while unlinking testcase from testsuites using Folder Tree Panel.
  • Fixed bug that prevented link issues from Rally since workspace and project drop down were unavailable.
  • Fixed bug which prevented copy of UDF's of type "Multiple Lookup List" on using Copy Selected Test Case feature.
  • Fixed bug which prevented export of Description fields in Issue Module.
  • Fixed bug which prevented import of type "Number" field in Issue Module while using "Import from Excel".
  • Fixed email notification bug : Testcase edit (update) emails were sent to incorrect user.
  • Fixed few incorrect labels.
  • Fixed bug which prevented display of complete data under "Pre-Condition" fields on the Testsuite Execution Screen. Pre-condition would be shown as a tooltip on mouse hover on the execution screen.
  • Fixed bug that displayed incorrect (uncovered) status of test assets on the details screen.
  • Fixed functionality for check box "View asset after update" for all the modules.
  • Fixed bug which prevented display of "Archived trigger" tool bar on Manage Notification Screen.
  • Fixed bug which prevented display of "Ext Id" column on Testcase Grid.
  • Fixed bug which stuck the import job while importing test cases from excel .
  • Fixed bug which prevented import of test cases steps in multiple row.
  • Fixed bug which prevented display/add/edit of following Testcase fields "Pre-condition", "Execution Minutes", "Testcase Owner", "Modified Reason" & "Test Script name".

API Changes

New API's Added to API Guide

  1. Create Build
  2. Create Release
  3. Create Cycle
  4. Update Testcase
  5. Get Testsuite Run ID usign Testsuite id
  6. Delete User
  7. Deactivate User

Updated API

  1. Authentication : Added new header User-Agent

Note : Download New API Document from here.

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