QMetry 6.8 - Patch 2 (

QMetry patches are cumulative which means they contain all the previous patches within a release. Thus you do not need to install the previous patches first; however, you must be using the latest Minor release of QMetry (e.g. if you are using v6.6 then please upgrade to v6.8 before applying a v6.8 patch).

QMetry 6.8 Patches 

Patch # 2)

Release Date: 9th Jun 2016 (On-Premise), 12th Jun 2016 (SaaS)

List of Issues fixed in Patch (Patch 2)

  • Fixed bug that prevented SMTP to send email for anonymous authentication.
  • Fixed bug that prevented test case steps to be displayed on execution screen.
  • Fixed bug that duplicated test cases in test suite when copied using 'Copy Selected' Option from grid.
  • Fixed bug that did not tooltips to be displayed when 'Display icons only' setting is enabled for Profile.
  • Fixed bug that prevented add/edit of JIRA issues from QMetry if Components & Version Fields are hidden in JIRA issue schemes & field configurations. 
  • Fixed incorrect tool tip text in LDAP settings for Hostname field.
  • Fixed bug that displayed wrong date/time for attachments in Test case.
  • Fixed bug that prevented copy of testsuites from one scope to another.
  • Fixed bug in QMetry Generic Launcher that prevented use of QMetry Variables in QFS.  
  • Fixed bug in QMetry Generic Launcher that did not attach logs on execution screen and execution history in sequence.  
  • Fixed bug in QMetry Generic Launcher that gave error in execution if "build" is not selected, which is an optional field. 
  • Fixed bug that prevented import of Test cases from excel, if the excel index is found null. In such cases the first blank row would be considered as end of excel file. 
  • Fixed bug that prevented import of Test cases from excel, if only spaces were present in a column. In such cases the space would be truncated and excel would be imported.
  • Improvement : Encrypted QMetry issue links which are created in JIRA.  
  • Improvement : Added ability to un assign a Tester for Testcase execution.

Note : 

  • For security reasons HTTP connections on SaaS instances are turned off. Now only the HTTPS connections are active. Users using the http connections would not be able to access qmetry instances via API or UI. 
  • There has been changes made to QMetry License Agreement. Users might be asked to accept the updated license agreement when they login for the first time. 

Please write us at, if you need any assistance.

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