QMetry 6.10 - Patch 2 ( - 2-Sep-2016

Patch # (Patch 2)

Release Date: 02 Sep 2016 (On-Premise), 03 Sep 2016 (SaaS)

List of Issues fixed in Patch (Patch 2)

  • Fixed bug that did not display hyperlink to the assets in notification if assets were updated from API.
  • Fixed bug which did not display Test case step name column on execution screen.
  • Fixed bug that displayed incorrect Tester Name in assign Test case notification email.
  • Fixed bug in Requirement update notification email during for latest version update. 
  • Fixed bug which displayed children Test case to be in sync even if it is not, incase older version of parent test case was scoped to child domain
  • Fixed pagination bug on Test case search screen.
  • Fixed bug that prevented export of all audit report.
  • Fixed bug that displayed "Sync Versions across domains" button on parent test case detail screen.
  • Fixed bug that displayed Not Applicable status as Empty on platform matrix window while filtering grids. 
  • Improvement : JIRA defects raised from QMetry execution screen would not be synced immediately. Before the sync happened every 15 mins. 
  • Improvement : The quartz cron which ran backend to sync JIRA Defects in QMetry is replaced by a Defect Filter using Webhook, which would reduce API calls between JIRA and QMetry. 

Upgrade Steps

If you wish to upgrade to latest patch write us at mentioning your current version and QMetry Support should provide you the upgrade guide. Note : QMetry patches are cumulative which means they contain all the previous patches within a release. Thus you do not need to install the previous patches first; however, you must be using the latest Minor release of QMetry (e.g. if you are using v6.9 then upgrade to v6.10 before applying a v6.10 patch).

About QMetry

QMetry is a Test Management software uniquely designed to improve the efficiency of Quality Assurance teams, while empowering teams to support their quality objectives. QMetry enables testing teams to focus on testing activities while providing a zero maintenance platform. With its centralized repository, QMetry makes it easy for team members to gather, organize and share information for successfully meeting quality objectives. 

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