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QMetry 7.1

Here is the official link to Release Note 7.1, below is a quick summary for the Release 7.1.


Released for OnPrem: Dec 2, 2016; SaaS : Dec 11, 2016

InfoStretch is proud to announce version 7.1 which comes with fantastic new features, a lot of enhancements, and some bug fixes for all QMetry Test Management (QTM) users.

New Features

Added menu to top toolbar providing a list of links to the various assignment reports.

The new menu is available on the top toolbar for all users and provides quick links for the user to open their assignments by module. These links should dramatically improve the speed in which users can find and open their assignments.

Added Ability to Archive, Backup and Restore Domains

  • Add ability to Archive a domain
    User Stories : As a system admin I want to be able to  archive a  QMetry domain that I am no longer using  so that my users do not have to see it.
  • Add ability to restore a backup a domain
    User Stories : As a system admin I want to be able to back up a QMetry domain that is no longer in use so that it does not take up any resources of the server.
  • Add ability to restore a domain from backup
    User Stories : As a system admin I want to be able to restore a backed up QMetry domain so that I can review it if needed.
  • Backup & Restore command line utility & enhancement Implemented command line utility for backup restore. Utility allows users to pass project name and key for backup and archive operation.

Upgraded QTM Cloud infrastructure

While not formally part of this release, the QTM cloud upgrade was made during this release and is complete now. The QTM cloud instances is now more secure and scalable. This move also helps better support our SLAs by allowing us to take advantage of many tools to boost our performance and at the same time ease on the maintenance.

Improved Search

  • Added the ability to search test cases by one or more IDs or External IDs. Ext ID search with the complete alphanumeric key. It allows user to search with comma separated. Ext ID field is in Advanced Search Tab with combination of ANY OF option. 2. User can able to search with Ext ID ( like ,TEST-123,1) – Here ( TEST-123 is defect of JIRA Tracker and 1 is for Bugzilla Tracker).
  • Added ability to search Platform Groups Added the ability to search for a platform group in the manage platform list.
    User Stories : As an admin with lots of platform groups (>200) and lots of platforms (>3k) I want the manage platform groups screen to be more usable so that I can do platform related management activities quicker.
  • Added support for comma separate entries when searching Search functionality now supports comma separate entries.
    User Stories : 
    • I am a tester, I would like to be able to search for a group of test cases by entering the ID's in a comma separated list so that I can link them to a requirement.
    • I am a tester, I would like to be able to search for a group of test cases by entering the ID's in a comma separated list so that I can link them to a test suite.
  • Added a (Blank) option for all list filters If a user selects blank they are able to filter a column / field to show only assets that have no value for the field.
    User Stories : 
    • As a QA Manager I want to find out testcases which are not assigned to any tester so that I can assign them for complete coverage. 
    • As a QA Manager I want to find out testsuites which are not assigned to any owner so that I can assign them for complete coverage. 
    • As a user I want to filter the items without a value in a specific list so that I can edit those items.

Enhancement-Bulk linking of a defect to multiple test runs

Added the ability to link a Jira defect to multiple testcases on execution screen.
User Stories : I am a tester, Currently I can only link a defect to one test execution at a time. Some of our test suites have many test cases so linking a JIRA bug to each execution can be very time consuming. I want the ability of a JIRA bug to be linked to multiple executions at once.

Changed report queries having filters for start time and end time

Changed queries that had Execution start time and Execution end time filters so that they used a date range.

Tracking execution time at Test Case level

Changed how we recorded the start and end time of executions. Now on start of execution screen it should capture as Start Time of the first test case of the test suite. The End Time of first test case is considered as the time of the last executed step of test case. The start time of the next test case is then recorded.
User Stories : As a user I want to track execution time at test case level so that I can find out how much time is been spent on execution of an individual test case.

Added HP UFT Automation Integration sample

User Stories : As an UFT user I want to integrate QMetry so that the results of my UFT testcases to QMetry. It can be through lauchers and/or APIs.

Added “Upload Test Result through Result XML” feature

Added the ability to upload test result files to QMetry so that users are able to update results without manually executing them.
User Stories : I am an automation engineer and I want to import my automation scripts' test result file to QMetry so that all the related test cases on QMetry get executed.

Create a default “No Platform” platform

Added a default platform for all new domains so that new users can execute a test case without having to take the extra step of creating a platform.
User Stories : As a tester I want to be able to execute without a platform since my testing does not require a platform.

Added the ability for the user to enter actual execution time

User wants to enter execution time manually. So that he can have actual execution time. He also wants this time to get saved with execution history. This would be separate from the execution time recorded automatically, but it would be saved with execution history, and would be a field the user would manually enter with a number representing the number of minutes the execution of that test case actually took.
User Stories : 
• I am a tester. I would like to enter the actual time it took to execute a test case, deducting any time that I went on break. 
• I am a qa manager and I want to review the actual execution times as given by our testers over time so I can gradually get an accurate estimation of the time it takes to do each test case and update my estimates.

Added ability to copy test suites with only selected test cases to another scope

User Stories : As a Tester I want to copy test suites to different scopes. This would automatically add the affected test cases into the other scope if they aren't already there. I'd also like to be able to selectively choose the test cases that would be included. So we could choose to include all test cases, or just the failed test cases. This would be useful since we often rerun failed test cases and it would be much faster to be able to copy a test suite and specify just include the failed cases instead of having to create each test suite again.

Added Reports

  • Test case execution status by cycle (All status). This report is kind of similar report to the new “Test Results Ordered By Date”; however, this will include “Omit” and “Not Applicable” status. The report should also add the “Executed By”, “Start Time” and “End Time” fields in it.
  • Test Case Matrix Report
  • Test Pass Report This report displays total steps, steps passed, steps failed, steps blocked and steps incomplete for a cycle.
  • SDC Report This is the report similar to QMetry report “Weekly test execution progress” having 3 extra column “Test Suite id”, “Test Suite name” and “In Progress” status. Also count in the “not applicable” column should not be added into the “Total” column.
  • Test Results Ordered By Date This report will show Test Execution Status Ordered by Date for the specified Domains, Test Suite, and Test Execution status. It resembles Test Suite Execution Report and Test Case Execution Status reports with the addition of some filters.
  • Test Case missing in test suite. This is a kind of Testcase vs Testsuite Matrix similar to Platform view and Build Reports. This view provides a clear visibility of test cases not covered in test suites.
User Stories : As a QA manager I want to have a single view of all testcases are linked to the testsuites so that I can see if users have linked the testcases to tesuites.

Added column widths to Saved Views

Allows users to customize the column and save that when saving a view so that he does not need to expand the columns such as Path, Summary, Date Modified every time he opens the saved view.
User Stories : I am a tester, I have some columns like Path, Date modified on my Test case grid. I have expanded the width of these columns to see whole value of it. But when I am saving this view the column width doesn't get saved. Everytime I open my saved view I need to expand the width manually to see the whole values.

Provided a popup after a session expires

After a QMetry Test Management session expires the user will be given a prompt to re-login in. If the user uses credentials to re-login then none of their work will be lost.
User Stories : 
• I am a tester creating an asset and I want to have a warning message letting me know that the session timed out and allowing me to re-log in so I can save my work and prevent the loss of my updates.
• I am a tester editing an asset and I want to have a warning message letting me know that the session timed out and allowing me to re-log in so I can save my work and prevent the loss of my updates.
• I am a tester executing a test suite and I want to have a warning message letting me know that the session timed out and allowing me to re-log in so I don't lose my place and have to navigate to the test suite again.

Improved Colors for status in Reports

The dashboard chart colors are now matched to the status that corresponds to the color (e.g. pass = green, blocked = yellow, etc.)

Added the new actual execution time to the execution reports

We have added the ability for testers to manually enter the actual execution time during testing. This new field has been added to the appropriate execution reports.


  • Improve performance when linking multiple test cases with test suite
  • Improved the performance of the list View
  • Improved Export of Coverage Status Reports Modify the Exports of Coverage Status Reports so that IDs of the Requirement, Test Cases and Test Suites are also exported along with Summary

Bug Fixes

This list includes list of all the bugs that are fixed between Release 7.0 and 7.1
  • Changed display for Existing Issue column of the test suite and test case grids to use the external id for any issues linked to an external tracker.
  • Fixed bug in which multiple failed login attempts would deactivate a user permanently
  • Fixed bug in which requirement folder status was not display even if the show status checkbox is checked by default.
  • Fixed bug that showed redundant information in email about requirement updates.
  • Added important fields / columns to the link test case popup
  • Fixed bug which prevented the download of exported data files if asset is opened from link in shared email.
  • Fixed bug that did not load “Create Test Case from Requirement” window when requirement is accessed from My Requirements report.
  • Fixed bug prevented filtering of status column in Test Case Step on execution screen.
  • Fixed bug that prevented resizing of Test Case Step grid on execution screen when its maximized.
  • Fixed UI on edit Platform Attribute window to make action button visible.
  • Fixed bug that imported duplicate JIRA issues in QMetry.
  • Fixed bug that displayed incorrect column data in Test Cases Description with Steps Report.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the date type field to appear on issues imported from external tracker.
  • Fixed bug that prevented attachment download on execution screen.
  • Fixed bug that distorted QMetry UI on chrome browser due to special character (#).
  • Fixed bug that prevented notification emails to be sent when requirements were edited using API.
  • Fixed bug which did not load the Test case steps of first Test case on execution if opened from Test suite’s Test case view.
  • Fixed bug that changed the focus of Report when a tag is deleted.
  • Fixed bug that changed the status of agent to inactive after 15min of scheduling.
  • Fixed bug that hides the (top) Scope bar and the (bottom) Task Bar – Start bar if the module windows are maximised.
  • Fixed bug that prevented prompting user to save changes during edit when cancel button is clicked.
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