QMetry 7.6 - Build 5 (7.6.5) - 16-Mar-2018

Release Date: 16th Mar 2018(On-Premise), 17th Mar 2018(SaaS)

List of Improvements and Bug fixes included as part of QMetry 7.6 - Build 5 (7.6.5)


  • Converted MyISAM DB tables to InnoDB, so that they are not locked while DB dump is being taken. 


  • Fixed bug that prevented auto activation of users that got deactivated due to maximum attempts of incorrect login.
  • Fixed bug that displayed incorrect time on execution screen when an execution log is attached. 
  • Fixed bug that displayed test case type as manual (instead of automated) in the execution history & reports; for test cases imported via automation api . 
  • Fixed an intermittent bug that prevented creating an issue in Jira from QMetry.


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